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Officially opened on the 2nd of December 1931, this makes it the oldest public aquarium in Southern Africa.. The Friends Of East London Aquarium (FELA) play an important role in coming to the aid of marine animals in distress that are the victims of pollution and other disasters and are housed and cared for at the aquarium. Many hundreds of animals are cared for and rehabilitated each year and returned to the ocean. Any donations towards this center will be much appreciated. The aquarium also has it's hand in educating the local community on the importants of the oceans ecosystem.


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The aquarium has some beautiful large fish tank displays that feature most of the local fish population. The lighting of these tanks has been very well done and adds to the experience of visiting this small but well planned and maintained establishment.


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The Southern Right whales migrate southwards down the coast of South Africa to their arctic feeding grounds and come close inshore at East London and with this in the mind the aquarium built an eleven meter high platform that sits right above the surf and provides an excellent opportunity to watch these magnificent animals breaching in the bay. Around November another whale makes it's appearance, the Humpback whale with it's famous long white pectoral fins it is not a sight to be missed. Bottlenose Dolphins can be watched surfing the waves right beneath the deck on their way up and down the coast in the search for food.

Contact Info:
Siani Tinley(Aquarium curator)
Phone: +27-043-7052637
Fax: +27-043-7436801

E-mail: siani@elaquarium.co.za

Website: www.elaquarium.co.za

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